This unique large Belcourt Natural 14" Salt Lamp is made from salt crystals gathered at the foothills of the Himalayas; crystals that produce a deeper, darker red glow. Heating the salt with the included bulb releases negative ions into the air, creating an effect similar to an ionizer. The outside surface of the lamp stays cool to the touch, as the heat of the light is dissipated within the salt. Due to the natural variation in rock salt, weight, size, color and shape may vary. The shape of...
Don't use a salt lamp and a humidifer together. I did it, and my entire house was covered with a thin salt layer. It seems that the humidifier water carried the salt particles all over the house. It took me days to clean the piano black electronics (Xbox 360 S, black Wii, TV) and my book cases (books were covered in a layer of salt as well). Horrible experience.
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This product is a customized 3-in-1 version that could be used as an essential oil diffuser, humidifier and salt lamp. When it used as aroma diffuser and humidifier. It is designed to humidify the air to make you feel relaxed in the dry environment, like an air-conditioned room in the winter. It could also be used as crystal salt lamps that add a beautiful warm glow to any environment and emit a stream of negative ions which can purify the air against allergens and pollutants. Negative ions are...

Remember, even if you’re like me and you can’t sleep unless the room is totally dark, you can always turn the lamp off at bedtime. Just leave it on for the rest of the day so it can do its work while you’re awake. People in humid climates should be aware that HPS lamps tend to weep when the salt becomes cool. You’ll definitely want to protect surfaces by placing a saucer underneath and be sure to follow the instructions for use and care which should be included with your lamp!
I bought a salt lamp on a Friday night and plugged it in 24/7 until today (Monday). I had a tremendous headache on Saturday and Sunday mornings, relieved after I left the house. Monday I was home all day and the headache became rather violent -- so much so that I started looking up info about salt lamps and headaches on the internet. I am not prone to headaches nor have I ever been! I unplugged the lamp and received immediate relief! Needless to say, I was somewhat stunned by this revelation.